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3 Causes Of Cataracts That You Need To Be Aware Of

When you have too much protein built-up in your lenses, cataracts can occur and cause your vision to be cloudy. The light that once easily went through your lenses isn't able to pass through naturally any longer. Because of a new lens forming on the outer part of your lens, all of the older cells end up being compacted and a cataract forms. Since there are different types of cataracts, you never know what might cause you to suffer from the condition until it happens.

Take a look at the three common types of cataracts to get a better understanding of what you might be dealing with.


Just like the name implies, this form of cataracts strikes when you get older. The older you get, the more likely you are to form cataracts. While someone who is in their 20s isn't as likely to get the condition from age alone, there are other factors that can cause younger individuals to get cataracts. Beyond growing older, age-related cataracts can also be the result of smoking for an extended period of time, not eating right and being around a significant amount of UV light.


These types of cataracts occur when you are involved in some type of traumatic injury. From car accidents to playing sports and being hit in the face with a baseball, any one of these things could cause major injury to the eye and cause cataracts to form. Whenever playing sports, make sure your face is as protected as possible. Helmets, goggles and other sporting equipment should be worn at all times. Another way to protect your eyes is to wear sunglasses when outside. Not only does this help protect against traumatic cataracts, but it also keeps UV exposure to a minimum.


When it comes to secondary cataracts, this particular form will often strike because of some other medical condition that you are currently dealing with. From diabetes to various drugs, toxic substances, radiation and ultraviolet light, these issues can all throw your body out of balance and cause a build-up of protein to occur. In turn, you end up suffering with cataracts due to the underlying condition in your body.

Not only do you need to get your eyes checked regularly to see if there is something that needs to be addressed through surgical intervention, but you also need to do everything you can to stay in top shape. To learn more, contact a company like Alta View Eye Care Center with any questions you have.