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Helping A Friend With Depression

Depression is something that a lot of people try to keep a secret. For this reason, suicide is sometimes a result because the person with the depression did not seek help for their condition. There are many ways that depression can be dealt with. If you know of someone who seems as if they are depressed, you will want to try to convince them to look for methods to get treatment in order to save them from becoming worse over time.

Here are some methods used to treat depression that you can share with your loved one in an attempt for them to seek treatment of their own:

Speaking With A Counselor

Counseling can be a great help for someone who is exhibiting depressive behavior. Speaking with a counselor can help them determine if the sad moods they are feeling is caused by a certain situation or event. The counselor will be able to talk through these problems with the person to see if there is a positive result that can be obtained from this information.

Sitting with a person that does not judge can be helpful to someone with depression. They will be able to speak exactly what is on their mind without the fear of ridicule or embarrassment. A counselor will be able to tell if the depression can be treated through subsequent visits. If the depression is reoccurring, medicines may need to be administered to aid in recovery.

Getting Medical Help

Urge your friend or loved one to see their regular physician to see if there are any underlying causes for the way they are feeling. There are some medical conditions that may make a person seem very tired, leading to the feeling of depression if they sleep a lot of their days away.

A physician will run tests to rule out thyroid problems, sleep problems, seasonal affective disorder or other medical reasons for the depressive actions. In some cases, the physician will be able to prescribe antidepressants to help relieve some of the symptoms of depression.

Lifestyle Changes

One thing that can be a big help for someone with depression, is to look into the lifestyle they are living to determine if there are things that should be changed. Adding an exercise regime to one's routine can help boost serotonin and endorphins in the brain. A lack of these natural chemicals is associated with depressive disorders. Exercise also helps grow new brain cells in the same way that antidepressants would. 

Nutrition is another aspect that can be changed for the better. When someone eats poorly, brain functioning will be compromised. To boost energy, eat several small meals and snacks each day. When a person fails to eat regularly, they will be susceptible to mood swings. To learn more, contact a company like Dr Kuris Counseling Centers with any questions you have.