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Tips For Parent Of Small Children Wearing Eyeglasses

If you have a small child who has to wear glasses, you might be concerned about how well they will manage the process. When small children wear eyeglasses, it's usually because there is a pretty serious vision problem, and the price of eyeglasses can be expensive. You want to help your child's vision, but you also don't want to have to buy a new pair of glasses until there is a need for a different strength lens. Use the tips below to help you and your child get through this process with minimal fuss.

Prepare Your Child

The experience of wearing eyeglasses on a regular basis is something that even adults have a hard time getting used to. Children respond in their own ways. They may think it's cool or they may not look forward to the experience at all. You can make the process more pleasant by doing any one of the things listed below.

  • Let your child practice wearing an old pair of eyeglasses with the lenses removed.
  • Browse frames online so your child can get an idea of what they will have to choose from.
  • Watch movies that include children wearing glasses.
  • Be sure to wear your own glasses if you have them, and express pleasure in doing so.

Buy for Safety

There are a ton of options when it comes to eye wear. Your vision care professional will help you pick out lenses that are designed to be difficult to break. When it comes to the frames, you might want to pick out a pair for each occasion. For example, you might want wire frame glasses for formal events. Opt for close-fitting sports wear for playing outside and doing other physical activities. If your child spends a lot of time outside, you might also consider lenses with UV protection in order to avoid damage from the sun's rays.

Make a Day of It

For a little kid, wearing glasses is a big deal. You can make it into a positive big deal by planning a whole day to focus on your child. Consider doing things that will demonstrate how fun and useful the glasses will be.

  • Go out to one of his or her favorite restaurants and point out how much clearer the images on the menu are.
  • For children who are near-sighted, consider an outdoor movie that can make the most of his or her new long distance vision.
  • For children who are far-sighted, consider an arcade or other game zone where children can realize the benefits of being able to clearly see things that are close up.

Your attitude and planning are not only going to have an enormous impact on how your child responds to wearing glasses, but on how well he or she takes care of those glasses. Talk to your eye care professional to see about eye wear options specifically made for small children. To learn more, contact