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What You Should Know About The Denture Implant Procedure

If you have partial or full-mouth dentures that move around and are make you feel self-conscious, you might want to consider denture implants. These dentures are placed into your mouth with dental implants, which are implanted into your jawbone. Once the denture is attached to the implant and over your gums, it will look completely natural and you can restore regular speech and chewing without worrying about the dentures moving around. Here is more information about the procedure.

Preparation Stage

Before the dental implants can be placed, your dentist will need to take x-rays and do an examination of your teeth and gums. With implant-supported dentures, metal posts are implanted into your jawbone. If you don't have enough bone to support them, you will need to get a bone graft first. Your dentist will find out this information with the x-rays. Once the bone graft is done, you can then begin stage one of the implant process. If you are going to have teeth removed in order to get the dentures, your dentist may also take impressions of your teeth so that the false teeth look identical.

Stage One

Once the preparation work is done, you will begin stage one of treatment. During this procedure, you get anesthesia so that you are not conscious. Your oral surgeon will cut into the gums over the areas where you will receive the implants. The number of implants will depend on if you are getting a partial or full-mouth denture.

After making the incision, they will drill a hole into the bone and insert the titanium post. This is the main part of the implant. When you return home after the appointment, make sure you keep the area clean. You can take pain relief medication for any discomfort you experience. You need to wait a few months for the healing process. The bone will heal around the titanium post, in a process called osseointegration. You may be asked to wear a temporary denture during this time.

Stage Two

After osseointegration has taken place, you will return to the dentist to complete the process. By the time healing is complete, your new dentures should be ready. They will attach to the dental implants and stay secure until you need to remove them. During this second stage, the dentist will attach the dentures to the top of the metal post using a metal screw that is located on top of the post. You will learn how to place the dentures over the post and how to remove them when they need to be cleaned.

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