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3 Tips For Preparing For A Colonoscopy

Preparing for a colonoscopy is serious business. You want to prepare correctly, so that you don't have prepare for a colonoscopy more than once. A colonoscopy doctor, such as those at Northwest Gastroenterology Associates, will give you detailed instructions on what medications you will need to take to prepare for the colonoscopy, and when you will need to take them. However, there are certain things that you can do when following these instructions to make the process go smoothly for you. This article will discuss 3 tips for preparing for a colonoscopy. 

Choose A Day When You Can Stay Home

Since the medications that you are going to be taking for your colonoscopy are meant to flush you out, it is a good idea to prep for the colonoscopy on a day that you can stay home all day. You are going to be running back and forth from the toilet as soon as the stool softeners begin working, and your stool will likely be very soft. Trying to find restrooms in a public location can be difficult, and you may risk not making it to the toilet. You will also be fatigued from the required fast from food that you have to perform, so you will not have much energy to be out and about anyway. 

Drink Liquids Slowly

Because the stool softeners are likely going to make your stomach upset, it is wise to drink your liquids slowly. You will be required to fast from food for 24 hours before your colonoscopy takes place, so all that you are going to have in your stomach is liquids. An empty stomach and stool softeners often do not make for a great combination, and you may feel nausea when drinking. Throwing up your fiber water and/or stool softeners can cause you to not get your colon as clean as it needs to be. Drink all of your liquids as slowly as needed to ensure that they stay down. 

Use Wet Tissue And/Or Wipes

Because you will be going to the bathroom multiple times during your colonoscopy prep, your bottom is likely going to get sore quickly. To help make sure that you keep your bottom as pain-free as possible, use wet tissue and/or wipes, instead of your regular rough, dry tissue. These moist items will not only feel relieving on your bottom, but they will also help to stop future pain or irritation from occurring as you wipe.