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The Myth Of Acne And How To Tell If Products Are Working

Those who suffer from acne have likely tried a number of different methods to get rid of the unsightly problem. If you are trying brand new acne medication, you may be looking for the first sign of results. Here are some myths that come along with acne products and how you should deal with skin results, or a lack thereof.

Skin purging is not a "thing"

Many people perpetuate the myth that acne will get worse before it gets better when you are starting a brand new acne regimen. Some people theorize that this is the skin having all of the impurities rise to the surface. The truth is, if you are using an external product, it is dealing with the epidermis of your skin. This means that the product is treating the outer layer of skin only. If you are using acne treatments such as face washes, spot treatments, and cleansers, these are not likely to make the skin purge. If your skin is getting worse it is likely that the acne treatment is not working for you, or worse, you are having a bad reaction to the product.

Hair skin and nail supplements may not help

If you are trying to clear up your acne, you may be interested in taking a hair, skin, or nail supplement. While getting your health in order can help out your body, the supplements could make your acne worse. Biotin is an ingredient that is known to help with hair growth, but causes many people to break out in cystic acne. This can lead to a setback in your acne treatment if taken. If you are using an acne treatment in pill form, you should always ask your doctor before adding any extra supplement. To be on the safe side, stick to green smoothies and increase your vitamin intake through fresh fruits and vegetables.

Makeup doesn't hurt

You may be concerned about covering skin and acne marks. A lot of people with acne have been told that the skin needs to "breathe" and that makeup will only clog the pores and cause acne. If you purchase non-comedogenic makeup, you will not have to deal with blocked or clogged pores. Apply skin care products prior to adding your makeup in order to help clear the acne that you do have while disguising any of the bumps or marks you still have. Investing in your makeup can help you look flawless while you wait for your best skin to reveal itself.

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