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Beat The Morning Sickness: 3 Natural Remedies For Expectant Mothers

Morning sickness is something that occurs in roughly 75 percent of all moms-to-be in America. It isn't uncommon. It is often touted as a pregnancy-type nausea that only occurs during the first trimester of a pregnancy and in the morning. However, the truth is that it can actually occur during the final two trimesters of your pregnancy as well and at any time of the day. It can sometimes help to eat small meals throughout the day rather than three larger meals since you aren't overloading your stomach. Here are a few other things that can help ward off pregnancy-related nausea:

1. Ginger Supplements or Ginger Tea

Research shows that ginger has a positive effect of nausea, vomiting and other morning sickness-related symptoms. Overall, participants in the study experienced an 85 percent improvement with ginger capsules. The study suggests taking 1,000 mg per day of ginger capsules for the best outcome. Alternatively, you could whip up a cup of ginger tea by brewing some fresh ginger shavings in some hot water or boiling a couple of ginger roots in water, straining and serving.

2. Load Up on Vitamin B6

According to WebMD, research has shown that 10 mg to 25 mg of vitamin B6 three times each day can help reduce nausea that is often associated with pregnancy. Alternatively, you can get vitamin B6 naturally from certain foods. Sunflower seeds contain nearly two grams of vitamin B6 per one cup serving. One cup of pistachio nuts and one ounce of dried prunes will land you with 1.38 mg and 0.98 mg of vitamin B6 respectively. Other good sources of vitamin B6 include tuna, turkey, chicken, lean pork and bananas.

3. Chew on Some Fennel Seeds

Fennel has been shown to have numerous health benefits, and this couldn't be truer for expecting mothers. Fennel seeds – or an herbal tea made from fennel – may be able to reduce pregnancy-related bloating and water retention, while also helping to relieve heartburn and morning sickness. Not only can fennel help combat morning sickness, but it can also help to ease menstruation as well as menopause symptoms. In addition, fennel can aid in encouraging the production of milk for nursing mothers. So, this is a snack that you can benefit from during and well after pregnancy.

Before trying any of the aforementioned tips, make sure that you consult with a midwife at Women's Healthcare Associates LLC to make sure that it is natural and safe. Your midwife may be able to point you in another direction if these natural remedies don't work for you.