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Opting For A Compounding Pharmacy: Why It Is Good For Allergies

Are there certain things in over-the-counter drugs that make it difficult for you to take them without a bad allergic reaction? It would be wise for you to make an appointment with a specialist to find out what is in the drugs that you are allergic too. He or she will then be able to prescribe drugs that can be fulfilled a compounding pharmacy as per your specific needs. Discover below why getting a prescription filled at a compounding pharmacy is ideal when you are allergic to a variety of common drugs.

How Can Someone with Allergies Benefit from a Compounding Pharmacy?

Although certain drugs can be customized in a regular pharmacy, a compounding pharmacy specializes in customizing drugs. With a prescription from your physician detailing what you are allergic to in common drugs, a compounding pharmacist will be able to create the drugs without the allergy-causing agents in them. For instance, some over-the-counter drugs contain things that are not necessary, such as drugs to ease pain when all you need is something to stop a runny nose. A compounding pharmacy can create a drug that is customized for your runny nose.

Another thing that can be removed in a compounding pharmacy is the flavored coating that is sometimes placed on drugs. Although the sweet coating can make it easier to tolerate pills in your mouth, it contains dye in it that might trigger allergies in certain people. The pills can still be created with a sweet coated if you desire, but the dyes will be left out. The coating will simply have no color.

Can Drugs Be Customized for Easier Consumption in a Compounding Pharmacy?

Make sure you explain to your physician that you struggle with taking pills that are of a certain size. He or she will be able to write in your prescription that your pills should be resized. What the compounding pharmacy will do is create small pills that are more potent than the ones that are sold in an average pharmacy. The pills can be made potent enough to eliminate you having to take multiple pills per dose.

Keep in mind that pills can be eliminated altogether if you would prefer not taking them. The pharmacist will be able to create the drug in liquid form, which will be a breeze for you to take. Get a prescription from your doctor so your drugs can be customized at a compounding pharmacy like Camelback Pharmacy as soon as possible!