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Breaking Misconceptions About Senior Independent Living

When you have a loved one who is a senior citizen and you worry that they are unsafe or lonely in their home, you may wonder about other living options for them and how they could benefit from those other options. One of the many options available to seniors needing assistance is independent living at a facility like The Village At Morrisons Cove. However, you may find it difficult to convince your loved one of the possibility of independent living at first. This is because they are likely basing their opinions on some of the common misconceptions about senior independent living. Get to know what some of these misconceptions are and how you can help break those and get your loved one into a better living situation.

Misconception #1: You Lose Your Freedom

Even though it is called independent living, many people still tend to believe that senior living apartments or residences are places where seniors begin to lose their personal freedoms. However, this is not at all the case.

Independent living apartments and residences are meant to give seniors a safe place to live that is still their own. They can come and go as they please, run their apartment and their life in their own way, and continue to make decisions for themselves.

The difference is that in a senior living apartment, there are more options available to them if they prefer not to do everything themselves. For example, the senior living apartment will have a full kitchen, but if your loved one does not want to cook on any given day, they can get food that is provided in a cafeteria or dining room. Having many options that are readily available to your loved one while allowing them to pick and choose what they want and do not want to partake in is one of the biggest benefits of independent living.

Misconception #2: You Will Be Isolated and Lonely

Another worry that many people have about moving into an independent living home is that the person will become isolated and lonely. Leaving a familiar neighborhood and a place where family and friends come to visit can be intimidating.

However, senior living homes are designed to create a sense of community. In an independent living home or apartment complex, there will be group and community activities that encourage residents to get to know one another and form relationships and friendships. Family and friends are also encouraged to visit and spend time with residents and because independent living is so flexible and your apartment is yours to do with what you choose, your loved one can have family and friends stay overnight with them.

Now that you know a few of the misconceptions about independent living that may be affecting your loved one, you can talk to them about these issues and help them break their misconceptions.