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3 Tools A Phlebotomy Technician Needs To Be Successful

Phlebotomy technicians play a major role in the medical industry. The main job of a phlebotomy technician is to take blood samples from patients. Blood analysis is one of the most important tools for diagnosing illnesses that is available to doctors.

For these reasons, it is very important to obtain the blood sample without compromising it. Technicians need the right tools to efficiently carry out their duties. Here are three tools phlebotomy technicians need to be successful.

Get A Mobile Cart

Technicians have to use a variety of tools to draw blood. A phlebotomy cart can help you keep your tools organized. It allows you to have all of your draw supplies on hand so you can reach over and grab what you need. One of the duties of a phlebotomy technician is to know what order to draw blood. Technicians have to collect several tubes of blood from different patients at a time. Your blood samples have to be in a certain order and you cannot get them mixed up.

These carts make your job easier because they come with a variety of features. They come with a writing surface, utility basket, tray, storage handle, sharps container and an integrated handle. Some carts come with a feature called fingertip control, which allows you to adjust the height of your cart. They also are very lightweight and easy to move around. The storage area is pretty roomy and allows you to carry a variety of tools. A mobile cart saves time and allows you to make efficient draws.

Blood Collection Vials

A blood vial is a necessary tool for collecting blood. When a phlebotomist draws blood, it is pulled into the vial using a vacuum. The vials allow a phlebotomist to collect the right amount of blood for testing.

Every test has a specific type of collection vial. The vials come pre-coated with an additive or plain. The stoppers on the vials are color coded to prevent from getting blood samples mixed up.


Phlebotomy technicians must tap the patient's vein before drawing blood. They have to wear rubber gloves because coming into contact with blood spreads disease. Technicians have to locate a strong vein that is close enough to the surface of the skin through the rubber glove. This is called a venipuncture site, which is where a tourniquet is tied tight around the area. The tourniquet is tight to allow the veins to come forward and swell. This allows the technician to tap the vein and easily draw blood.

If you are new to the medical field, then you need to take the steps to become successful. A phlebotomy technician must have the right tools to avoid contaminating blood samples.