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Common Issues Caregivers May Encounter With A Loved One Wearing A Urinary Catheter

Taking care of a sick loved one can be a lot of responsibility, especially if that person is wearing a urinary catheter. While a urinary catheter does make it a lot easier for the patient, caregivers need to be aware of the common issues they may encounter while providing supervision and care. Learn more about some of the problems you may see in someone wearing a urinary catheter.

An Empty Urinary Bag Is Important To Investigate

If your loved one's urinary bag is empty at a time of day when it's usually half full of urine, taking the time to learn why is important. Check to make sure the person is not lying on the catheter tube, causing it to kink and stop the flow of urine from the bladder. You should also check to make sure the catheter tube is attached to the bag properly. Sometimes moving the person wearing the catheter can help to jumpstart the urine moving through the tube. If the urinary bag is hanging above the level where your loved one's bladder is located, moving it to below the bladder can allow gravity to take over and the urine will begin flowing through the tube. If none of these tips work to get the urine moving, contacting your loved one's doctor is a good idea for learning what you need to do next.

Writing Down How Much Your Loved One Drinks Is A Good Idea

If your loved one has not taken in many fluids, he or she will not make urine. If you find his or her urinary bag is not filling up, being able to look back at how much your loved drank that day can be helpful and be even more so if you end up contacting the doctor about low urine output. One of the first questions you will need to answer for a nurse or health care provider is how much your loved has drank within a certain time period, so writing it down every time is best for having an accurate record. If you know your loved one has drank enough to make at least half a bag full of urine, contacting his or her doctor is best for being able to rule out a urinary infection.

Keeping down the risk of infection is extremely important in people wearing a urinary catheter. When you re-order your loved one's urological supplies, taking the time to also pick up some cranberry juice is a good idea. Giving your loved one a glass of cranberry juice every day can work to lower the risk of urinary tract infections that are easy to get while wearing urinary catheter.

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