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Why Flossing Is More Important Than You Think

When you visit the dentist, he or she probably asks you if you floss your teeth. Hopefully you do, but there are many people who don't do this unless they can feel something trapped between two teeth. Flossing is something you should do daily, and here are three important reasons you should make this a habit.

It Helps Eliminate Bad Breath

Your mouth is full of bacteria, and the longer the bacteria stays there the more prone you are to having bad breath. Some of this bacteria can be washed away from brushing your teeth, but your toothbrush cannot reach every area of your mouth, and this is one of the reasons flossing is so important.

When you floss your teeth, you will be cleaning every area between your teeth. Even you do not see food particles coming out when you floss, you will still be eliminating small particles of bacteria. Each time you do this, you are helping your breath stay fresher.

It Helps Eliminate Tartar And Plaque

Because your toothbrush cannot reach between your teeth, flossing is a great way to prevent cavities from forming. When you floss, you are removing plaque and tartar from these areas of your mouth. In addition, flossing helps clean your gums. The benefit of this is that you may be able to keep your teeth healthier and cavity free if you develop a good daily routine that involves flossing. Flossing may also help you prevent developing gum disease.

Your Overall Health May Improve

There are many studies that prove that oral health has impacts on overall health. If you have a healthy mouth, you will be healthier overall. If you have oral issues in your mouth, such as decay or gum disease, it can impact your body in many ways.

For example, if you have oral health issues, you may be at a higher risk for developing cardiovascular problems. You might also have a higher risk of developing dementia or Alzheimer's. If you currently have any health problems, such as diabetes, oral health issues can worsen the symptoms. With daily flossing, you might be able to reduce all these risks.

Flossing alone is not enough to take good care of your teeth and mouth, but it is an important part of good oral care habits. If you are interested in learning more about this, contact a dentist like David Jackson, DDS today to schedule an appointment.