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2 Conditions That a Hand Surgery Specialist Can Help You With

Because you use your hands so often and for so many different tasks, it is very important that they function properly for you. Thankfully, hand surgery specialists out there whose main focus is on ensuring that our hands are well taken care of. While there are several different hand conditions that a hand surgery specialist can treat and diagnose, this article is going to focus on two particular conditions that they can help with. 

Carpal Tunnel

One important issue that a hand surgery specialist can help you treat is carpal tunnel. Carpal tunnel is something that can cause severe pain in your hand due to swelling and fluid retention in the tunnels where your tendons are located. This can greatly impact your ability to use your hands for the most basic tasks, such as typing, writing, cleaning, etc. A hand surgery specialist realizes this, and they want to do everything in their power to help you have full function of your hands with as little pain as possible.

One thing that they can do to help reduce the pain that you experience from carpal tunnel is to inject cortisone into your hand. This is going to help decrease the inflammation and reduce the pain. However, this is generally a temporary fix. A more permanent fix is a hand surgery that will involve cutting the transverse carpal ligament to help reduce some of the tightness and tension, thus decreasing the pain. 


While a hand surgery specialist do everything that they can to allow you to keep and use both of your hands, sometimes partial or full amputations are required to avoid further complications. A hand surgery specialist can carefully examine your hand to see where there is loss of blood, circulation, sensation, infection, and more. From there, they will be able to see what portion of your hand they can save, and what portion is going to need to be removed.

They also deal with reattaching fingers and other portions of your hand that have been removed in the case of an accident. On top of this, they take special care to make sure that you get through extensive physical and occupational therapy after the procedure to ensure that you are able to make the best recovery possible for your particular circumstances. 

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