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3 Things To Add To The Home Of An Aging Loved One

It's not easy watching as loved ones grow into their elderly years. Knowing how vibrant and full of life these older people used to be and to seeing what they are slowly becoming can be heartbreaking. If you have an aging loved one, are you doing everything that you can to ensure they can live as normal of a life for as long as possible? Here, you'll find a few things to consider buying for your loved one to make everyday life a little easier for them to manage.

Lift Chairs

One of the hardest things for elderly folks to do is to get up out of a comfy chair. It can be a real struggle and can put them at serious risk of fall injuries. So to make things a little easier for them each time they need to get up, order a lift chair for them.

This type of chair is powered by electricity and has a small remote – with the press of a button, the chair begins to lift in a way that will bring your loved one to his or her feet slowly, and with support. A comfortable, safe place to relax is a necessity when you're getting older.

Stool in the Kitchen

No matter the age, sometimes it's hard to keep a person out of the kitchen. Yes, they need to feed themselves, but you have some older people that insist on preparing huge meals for the family and won't take any help along the way.

Set up a stool in the kitchen. Make sure that it has enough grip on the feet to keep it from sliding out from under your loved one, but not so much that they can't easily slide it around the kitchen to where they need it.

Walk-in Shower or Tub

The bathroom is probably the most dangerous place in the home for an elderly person. With so many slippery surfaces to contend with, many elderly folks will limit the use of the bathroom because they know what can happen. Installing a walk-in shower or tub will decrease the likelihood of bathroom falls. This, coupled with a non-slip surface floor, will help greatly.

Talk with your elderly loved one – listen to what he or she really needs. They'll tell you – they may have been telling you – you just need to listen and do what you think is in the best interest of not only you, but the loved one that's growing old.