Understanding Alzheimer's: How To Help Your Loved One

When your close family member is diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease, you may find yourself overwhelmed with stress and grief. After all, Alzheimer's is a serious disease that affects many people around the world, and is still very much a mystery to doctors and researchers alike. Once you better understand what is happening, you can better help your loved one through the challenges they are now facing. So, learn the key facts about Alzheimer's and get started assisting your family member right away.

Oh My Tooth! What To Do In A Dental Emergency

If you received a blow to the mouth that knocked out, broke, or cracked a tooth, or forced it out of its normal position and/or caused gum damage, this is a dental emergency.  You should see your dentist right away to save your tooth. FIRST AID You should call your dentist to arrange an emergency visit, because he or she can accurately assess the damage and begin treatment right away to save the tooth.