5 Tips To Prepare For Podiatry Surgery

If you have been dealing with severe bunions, crooked toes, or another foot issue, your podiatrist may have suggested surgery. Undergoing surgery can relieve pain and help your feet function better. While getting surgery can be stressful, you can do things to make your recovery a little easier. Here are a few tips for preparing for podiatry surgery. Make Meals in Advance In order to successfully recover from any surgery, it is important to eat a nutritious diet.

5 Reasons To Consider Medical Transcription Services For Your Healthcare Office

There are many reasons to consider medical transcription services for your healthcare office. If you're debating whether to use transcribing services, here are five key reasons why medical transcription can be beneficial for you and your staff. 1. Increased accuracy of medical records Having a medical transcriptionist create accurate medical records can help improve the quality of patient care. When a transcriptionist is taking down medical dictation, they are able to focus solely on the content of what is being said.

What Is Life Like After A Tummy Tuck?

Tummy tucks are one of the most common cosmetic surgeries. Many men and women want to achieve a contoured shape that allows for a flatter stomach and reduced abdominal fat. As great as this surgery sounds, you may still have a lot of questions about what life is like after surgery. Are you curious about what life is like after a tummy tuck? Here's what you need to know about this body shaping treatment and its impact.

Telehealth: What Is Virtual Urgent Care?

Virtual urgent care connects you with a healthcare provider for minor conditions like pink eye, abrasions, sore throat, upper respiratory infections, or back pain. It is an on-demand digital service directly aimed at the consumer and may reduce unnecessary emergency room visits for minor conditions. Another name for virtual urgent care is telehealth. Now that patients seem to be getting past the pandemic, will they keep virtual healthcare visits or go back to in-person visits?

Orthopedic Treatments Your Surgeon May Suggest For Your Knee Pain

If you've been having trouble with knee pain due to an injury or arthritis, talk to an orthopedic doctor about options for treatment. If you have frequent pain or pain that interferes with your ability to work or walk, orthopedic treatment could be essential to your quality of life. Your doctor might start with knee injections to see if those relieve your pain. If not, surgery might be the best alternative.

The Main Benefits of Undergoing Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

When you suffer from a spinal injury, you may be eager to undergo medical treatment for it. Even so, you might prefer to avoid any kind of operation that involves deep cutting into and suturing a large portion of your back. Instead, you may be drawn to the idea of a procedure that involves little cutting and a faster and easier recovery. You may decide that minimally invasive spine surgery is the right option for you.

Things To Expect At A Hearing Aid Fitting Appointment

Hearing impairments can negatively affect the quality of your life since holding continuous conversations may be challenging. Hearing problems may also result in low self-confidence as people may notice your impairment quickly during interactions. Fortunately, hearing aids can improve your hearing capability. Nonetheless, your doctor needs to establish the cause and extent of your hearing issues before recommending a hearing aid. After your hearing assessment, you will have to attend a hearing device fitting appointment.