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Obtain All The Nutrients And Benefits From The Placenta Powerhouse....Without Actually Eating One!

Though it may be unappetizing to some parents, eating the placenta, or afterbirth, is becoming the biggest natural, all-purpose health and beauty trend since the great pomegranate craze.  Formally known as placentophagia, the practice is widespread in the animal kingdom; in fact, humans are one of the few mammals who turn up their noses at fresh afterbirth.  However, as science continues to reveal the placenta's nutritional jackpot, many people are reconsidering their aversion to placentophagia--and exploring alternative ways to obtain the organ's benefits without actually eating the same one attached to their own newborn baby.

What's the Big Deal?  Why Even Bother?

The placenta is packed with life-sustaining vitamins and hormones that nourish the baby from conception: B vitamins, prostaglandin, oxytocin, progesterone, prolactin, antibodies, etc.  Placentophagia can reinvigorate the mother's depleted resources, increase immunity, and slow the signs of aging.  Studies have shown that it can increase milk production, prevent postpartum depression, and possibly provide mild pain relief.  Though there may not be enough scientific research to support all of its purported medicinal uses, the organ's nutrient content is beyond question.  Plus, you can experiment with its culinary potential: have your placenta raw, blended into a smoothie, cooked into a lasagna, or professionally dried, ground and encapsulated.  

So, Why isn't Everyone Doing It?

Despite its nutritional density, there are some ethical, legal, and medical problems with consuming human placenta:

  • It's icky
  • It's a little cannibalistic
  • Cooking the placenta may destroy some of its nutrient content
  • Some hospitals prohibit the practice
  • It may not be processed under completely sanitary conditions

Furthermore, you should never eat someone else's placenta, as it could contain dangerous microorganisms.  So, unless you're willing to live in a state of perpetual pregnancy, you can only enjoy the placenta's amazing benefits until your small, finite supply is exhausted.

Unless There's a Better Way...

Luckily there's an alternative--a way to obtain all the benefits of the placenta without having to wade through any ethical or medical quandaries.  Scientists have discovered that sheep pregnancies are remarkably similar to those of humans.  Their embryos share similar DNA structures, stem cells, and developmental stages.  Harvested from healthy, inspected sheep and processed under strict guidelines, sheep placenta supplements can provide you with all of the benefits of placentophagia---without any of the drawbacks and ambiguities of consuming your own placenta.  

If you're intrigued by the nutritious power of the placenta, consider trying a sheep placenta supplement. You can buy sheep placenta capsules from pharmaceutical companies such as Nutricos Ceuticals, Inc. Believe it or not, you can even find topical creams that deliver all those nutrients directly to your skin.  Best of all, so long as sheep walk the earth, your supply will never run out--so you can take sheep placenta supplements every day!