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The Benefits Of Home Infusion Therapy

If you find yourself in severe and chronic pain due to a terminal illness, chemotherapy or surgery then your doctor may suggest that you get infusion therapy. Infusion therapy will allow you to get pain medication directly into your blood stream so that you can prevent pain or stop it as soon as it starts. Infusion therapy has traditionally only been available in hospitals or nursing homes. However, it is now being provided at home by home infusion therapy services. A home infusion service allows you to have someone readily available to administer pain relief when you need it.

What are the benefits of home infusion therapy?

Convenience is one of the most important features of home infusion therapy. Home infusion therapy services, will often provide you with a nurse from a place like AAA Referral & Home Health, and assign a pharmacist to your case to work alongside your doctor. Being in constant pain can be difficult and psychologically it helps tremendously when you can get the treatment you need in the comfort of your own home.

Who is in charge of home infusion therapy services?

Large pharmacies are usually the ones behind most home infusion services. They provide these services to patients locally and will often have a working relationship with certain doctors. These pharmacies will often provide a nurse for you, as part of the package for using their services. These nurses are usually registered nurses who have been trained to administer home infusion therapy. Hospitals often prefer to treat patients under their roof. However, there are some hospitals who have extended infusion therapy services to include home care.

Will Medicare cover home infusion therapy services?

It is the policy of Medicare not to cover at home infusion therapy. However, if you opt to receive the treatment in a hospital or nursing home Medicare will pay for it. There are several organizations who advocate home infusion therapy that have been trying to get legislation passed that will erode this policy. Home infusion therapy is far less expensive than receiving therapy in hospitals and nursing homes. However, if you have private insurance then these companies will cover your home infusion therapy costs in most cases.

Work with your doctor to find a home infusion therapy service that meets your needs and your budget. Home infusion therapy can provide you with peace of mind. Receiving treatment in the comfort of your home will make you feel more relaxed and this is likely to have a positive effect on your health.