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Get The Clear Facts About Cataract Options

If you have pain and poor vision because of cataracts, talk with your optometrist or ophthalmologist about getting cataract surgery. There is so much to gain when you have the cataracts removed, and the surgery has become a simple option that the medical professional can do right in their office.

There are many people that are able to lose their glasses and see the world clearly after they have cataract surgery. Here are three reasons you want to inquire about the procedure and schedule a consultation to see if it could work for you.

The Statistics Don't Lie

There are over 3 million Americans that make the decision to go under surgery to have their cataracts removed every year.  Of these people, the success rate is above 98 percent.  One study shows that less than .05 percent of people had complications with their eyes after the surgical procedure. You can feel confident going into the surgery that the results are going to be positive, and that this is a common procedure.

Quick Procedure with Fast Results

For many, the cataract surgery will be an outpatient surgery, and can be completed in less than an hour. After the patient is sent home, the vision will start to improve within a few days. You may need to wear your glasses as your vision improves, and after your eyes are fully healed you can get a new prescription if needed. You will see your surgeon just a couple of days after the surgery for your post-operative appointment, and then you should be healing speedily.

Laser Options Can Improve Safety

There are studies that show that cataract surgery that is performed with a laser is a safer option to have your vision corrected.  Researchers also believe that the laser option may consume less energy than the traditional surgery. You may want to talk with your optic professional to see what option is best for you, and what they feel the most comfortable doing.

Glasses can make it difficult to participate in the activities that you love, and you may not always want to wear contact lenses. Talk with your optometrist so you don't have to worry about either of these items any longer, and don't spend hundreds of dollars annually on corrective treatment. You could be just a few days or weeks away from seeing things how you have always dreamed of through your own natural eyes.

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