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Treatments That May Help The Pain From A Pulled Back Muscle

There are many causes of back pain, but one of the more common ones is a pulled muscle. You can strain your back muscle when lifting a heavy object, playing sports, or twisting your back. A muscle strain can even happen when you jog up stairs or roll over in bed. Fortunately, your muscle will heal, so the pain will be temporary and not turn into a chronic condition like many other causes of back pain. Here are some treatments that might help.

Muscle Relaxants

The pain from a pulled back muscle can be severe. It may be difficult to shift your position or take a deep breath without a sharp, stabbing pain. This pain often occurs as a result of a muscle spasm. Your doctor may prescribe muscle relaxants for a few days to reduce the occurrence of spasms and to reduce your pain.

Ice Packs

Ice packs may also help relieve pain from a muscle injury. The ice reduces inflammation in your muscle which can help with pain. You can apply the ice to your back several times a day taking care to protect your skin from the ice exposure. Try to apply the ice as soon as possible after your injury to slow down the initial swelling response.

Massage Therapy

Massage treatments also help improve blood flow through your back muscle which increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients in your muscle so it heals quicker. A gentle massage can also work out tension and soreness so your back is more relaxed and less likely to spasm. Massage may also reduce the risk of scars as your muscle heals. Scars can lead to further pain and limited range of motion. Deep tissue massage can break up adhesions that have already formed.

Back Exercises

Your doctor, physical therapist, or chiropractor will try to uncover the reason for your back injury. If it is due to poor posture or weak back muscles, you may be taught exercises that strengthen the muscles that support your back. If your back was hurt in a sports injury, you may need to do exercises to help your muscles regain lost strength so they don't become weak due to inactivity, which could put you at further risk of injury.

Healing from a pulled back muscle takes time and patience. You'll need to give your tissues time to repair themselves. Don't resume sports or heavy lifting too soon, or your muscle may not be strong enough to resist additional damage. Although you may need to take it easy for several days while you heal, your doctor may not want you to become too sedentary because that only leads to further weakening of your muscles.Contact a clinic, like Pain Relief Center, for more help.