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Some Things You Should Know About Going To The Eye Doctor

Going to the eye doctor is very important. There are too may people who put off going to the eye doctor because they think it isn't relevant to them. This is very dangerous for your eyes. Here are some things you should know about going to the eye doctor.

I Don't Wear Glasses, Do I Need To See An Eye Doctor?

Going to the eye doctor isn't just about getting a prescription for vision correction lenses. There is so much more that the optometrist will do. For instance, you need to make sure that your eyes are healthy. One thing that many people don't realize is that there are few symptoms of eye disease. You won't feel or notice any problem until it is too late. However, early detection of the problem is key when preventing lasting problems. This is why you need to go to the doctor regularly, even if you think you have no problems or symptoms. Things like cancer, infections, and glaucoma's are not detectable through symptoms, only through tests that the eye doctor will do. This is why everyone, regardless of whether or not you wear glasses, should be seeing an eye doctor regularly.

Are There Any Risks With Wearing Contacts?

If you wear contacts it is important that you wear them correctly. Too many people don't properly care for their contacts and because of that they put themselves in danger and at risk. You should always be following the instructions of the doctor and the manufacturer when wearing contacts. For example, you should never sleep in your contacts. Even specialty contacts that allow you to sleep in them should still be taken out often for safety. This is because contacts trap bacteria and dirt. Each time you take them out it allows you eyes to flush out the bacteria and clean out. Additionally, you should be cleaning the contacts each night to make sure that the proteins and bacteria on them are being flush away. Otherwise you expose your eyes to dangerous bacteria. Some of them wil cause simple infections that can be easily treated. Other infections can cause serious problems that can result in vision loss and other major issues.

It is important that if you wear contacts that you see the eye doctor annually to make sure that those contacts are still right for you, and that you are using them properly.

As you can see, going to the eye doctor regularly is very important. For more information, contact companies like West Bay Eye.