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Medical Abortion For An Unplanned Pregnancy

Although having children is something that many people look forward to in life, an unplanned pregnancy can sometimes result in a stressful situation. For example, getting pregnant during a time in which you are unemployed and not in a relationship with the child's father can be difficult to cope with. If you are young and going through such a situation, considering medical abortion services might be a good solution if you don't want to go through the pregnancy and give the child up for adoption. You will first have to get examined to find out if you are a good candidate for an abortion, as your health and other factors must be considered. After reading through the content below, you will know more about a medical abortion to make a decision in regards to going through with it or not.

What is a Medical Abortion?

A medical abortion is the ideal option for terminating a pregnancy if you don't like the idea of having surgery. In such an abortion procedure, you will be administered drugs that are able to end the pregnancy. The speed at which the pregnancy will be completely terminated depends on the specific drugs that are administered, as there are several types. You can actually take some of the drug types at home to get the abortion process started. There is no need for major anesthesia to be used during a medical abortion, but you may be given pain medication.

Are There Risks of Concern?

An infection is one of the problems that can develop from undergoing a medical abortion. Another risk of the procedure is that you can begin bleeding heavily to the extent of needing medical attention. There is also the possibility of a medical abortion not completing as planned, which can lead to you requiring surgery. You can end up still being pregnant, which might cause the baby to be born with birth defects. Your risks will be lower if you undergo a medical abortion in the proper manner and follow-up with a physician.

Who isn't a Good Candidate?

Your overall health must be assessed before it is determined if you are the right candidate for a medical abortion, as some conditions are not ideal for the procedure. If you are too far along in the pregnancy, it is not likely that a medical abortion is right for you. An abortion professional will ask you questions and examine your body to find out if you are a good candidate.